Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nesting GHO - 12 Mar 2008

Acting on a tip from a fellow birder I took a quick run at lunchtime to look for a nesting Great Horned Owl. This is a local owl (Wayne County), and I'm being secretive about its location due to several factors: mainly safety for the owl and for anyone trying to observe it. I was able to get a few grab shots from inside the car as it peered down at me. But after a few minutes she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
I returned after work for a few minutes to see if I could get a digiscoped shot, but the sun was shining in a bad, side-lighty direction. Still, I was able to grab a keeper image that I feel is nicer than the pics w/ the D300 and 400mm f/5.6 Sigma.
Thanks for the tip, XXXXX! You know who you are!

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