Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wyandotte Pine Siskin - 08 Mar 2008

Looking out the window of our back room today I saw a single Pine Siskin on the thistle feeder that hangs just inches away. I took this image through the window while it posed nicely for me. Its the first Pine Siskin I've seen in the yard this winter! Among the half-dozen American Goldfinches at the feeders was a partially leucistic bird that looks like the one I saw back in December. I also saw a pair of Juncos and a Song Sparrow that showed up mid-afternoon. Spring migration is starting! Recent reports this week include Common Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds, and Tundra Swans moving in large numbers.


grogg said...

Not sure my last comment went through...

Wonderful posts!

I am a Wyandotte resident (Riverbank/Jefferson) and have noticed a hawk in the neighborhood the last few weeks. Possibly a Cooper's hawk?
Wonder if you might help me positively ID the bird. I've been unsuccessful in getting a photo.

Denise said...

Hello Jerry - you know me as Denise D over at NMB. I live near 4th/Plum. I have 1 Pine Siskin visiting my feeder as of yesterday. Today I had a Red-winged Blackbird, first of the year. 1 pair of Cardinal, that are here all winter along with a few House Finch and Am. Goldfinches. I've also had a hawk scouting my feeder for the last month.

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