Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yellow Rail ON Monroe P.P. - 09 Apr 2008

I got a call from Tim Walsh yesterday informing me that Claire Jennings (DTE Environmental Compliance) found an injured Yellow Rail on the 3rd Floor Roof of the DTE Monroe Power Plant.
The bird has a broken leg, but otherwise appeared ok. They spent the day trying to contact wildlife rehabbers that specialize in migratory birds, and I was able to give them a list of resources (Big thanks go to Bruce Bowman for his website, which provided the links!). Greg Norwood positively ID'd the bird, which was later given to Wildlife Rehabber Dave Hogan.

Dave reported that the bird survived its first night. He put a cast on its leg, and fed it cat food.
The bird was drinking water on its own. Dave was spending today trying to find food for the rail, which eats invertebrates, small snails, insects, seeds, grasses and clover leaves. Vegetation and invertebrates are the most common foods consumed. Keep this little bird in your prayers, and hopefully it'll pull through. Incidentally, Claire was unsure how the bird got there. It was within the vicinity where the Peregrine Falcons are roosting, so did it injure itself trying to flee the birds? or did it just crash during its migration northward. Thank you all for your efforts in trying to save this endangered little bird!

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