Sunday, June 29, 2008

Black-necked Stilts @ Pt. Mouillee - 29 Jun 2008

Though this news is a bit late and already known, I was finally able to get some decent digiscoped images of one of the birds this morning. A pair of Black-necked Stilts have been seen at Pt. Mouillee since 13 Jun 2008, and I was able to see one of the birds last weekend with Will Weber, but haven't been able to try any serious digiscoping until today.

At ~8 am I arrived at the SE corner of the Long Pond Unit and found this bird working the far shoreline near its nest, which was found yesterday by Adam Byrne, Brad Murphy, Tex Wells, and Phil Chu. I scoped it for a bit, then got some decent digiscoped images before settling on a digiscoped video. The bird stayed in this particular location for a few minutes after this video before being spooked by a Killdeer, where it flew to the SW corner of the unit. I would see it again about 2 hours later on my way out. Since it was raining I didn't stop to try to take any more pics. Just as well though, as it was quite a distant out.

Other news from this morning? It was nice to see about a dozen Green-winged Teal in the Long Pond Unit and the large number of Forster's, Common, and Black Terns in the Vermet and Lead Units. A drake Canvasback in Cell 4 was a bit of a surprise, as were the numerous Lesser Scaup and Redhead.

As I photographed fly-by Black Terns and Forster's Terns an Osprey passed overhead and gave me looks at a red band on its left tarsus and a silver band on its right tarsus. Song Sparrows were about the only willing subjects for digiscoping. I was a bit too slow to get a nice male Common Yellowthroat a few feet away. And male Indigo Buntings were less cooperative - they'd take off the second I'd stop to raise the camera.

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