Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crosswinds Marsh - 08 Jun 2008

After a bout of T-storms Saturday night the skies were somewhat clear this morning. It was still hot, and by 10 am it was downright hot and humid. Walking the Eagle Trail at Crosswinds Marsh I managed a few digiscoped images of a very vocal Willow Flycatcher that perched on the wire fence along Haggerty Rd just inside the park. A Northern Flicker then dropped onto the path ahead of me but ran into the grass before I could get any pics of it.

Just past the small boardwalk at the south end of the park a very large Common Snapping Turtle was busy digging a nest in the middle of the road. The sand appeared quite soft and the little lady was making a very large mess of it. Farther up the road I would run into a second female in the middle of the path, and unfortunately for her, it appeared her freshly-laid clutch of 20+ eggs were devoured (I'm guessing just as she laid them). Egg shells were scattered all around her. Poor thing.

A pair of Yellow Warblers were courting in the trees above me, and I managed several nice overhead shots of them before moving. Marsh Wrens and Swamp Sparrows were actively singing in the cattails on either side of the marsh at the south end, but I couldn't get close enough to even attempt any pics.

Along the west end of the trail this Baltimore Oriole fed in the Silver Maples and I managed a few digiscoped images of it feeding upside-down just before my back cramped up. Ouch! Another couple of Snapping Turtles later, I headed back to the car. On the way out I spotted a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird alongside Haggerty Rd high up in a tree and managed a few pics from the car before he flew off.

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Don and Sheryl said...

It sounds like it was a very good time, a little of this and that. We have days like that when we venture along the canal.

Love your digiscoping shots. I'm still struggling with my digiscoping but someday.....


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