Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grass River Natural Area - 22 Aug 2008

It's cloudy but warm this morning as I arrive at Grass River NA just off the Alden Highway in Antrim Co. The place is quiet except for a small flock of Blue Jays and a single Red-bellied Woodpecker. Grabbing my gear I hiked down to the water's edge where Finch Creek flows through a sedge meadow into Clam River.

As the raindrops begin to fall a small flock of four Solitary Sandpipers landed in the creek at the mouth and begin to feed and chase each other. Despite the steadily increasing rainfall and decreasing light I managed several keeper digiscoped images.

After a half-hour of rain the skies cleared a bit and allowed me at least a dry walk back to the car. A pair of Common Yellowthroats inspected me from the cover of a Tamarack Tree while somewhere in the distance an Alder Flycatcher called its 'fee-bI!' song. A pair of Osprey flew overhead but lighting was poor for photography so I didn't bother.

Returning to the car I drove back to the condo, stopping just long enough to watch a Common Loon swim out in the middle of Intermediate Lake just south of Central Lake.

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