Friday, August 22, 2008

Petobego Pond - 21 Aug 2008

This morning I decided to check out Petobego Pond, located just north of Bates Rd. and just south of Elk Rapids in Antrim Co. Parking in the small lot off of US-31 I walked into the woods and heard several Eastern WoodPeewees singing high in the trees.

Crossing the highway I hiked down the trail and headed into the woods eastward toward the large marsh pond. Several Black-capped Chickadees followed me, and I was delighted to find a Black-throated Green Warbler among them. A Yellow-rumped Warbler was also nearby. Somewhere in the distance a Red-eyed Vireo sang in the tree tops.

The walk through the cedars and oak woods was quiet, otherwise. As I reached the shoreline I spotted an adult Bald Eagle disappearing over the trees. A flock of five Forster's Terns passed by with hardly any sound.

As I walked south along the beach a pair of Kingfishers flew out of Petobego Pond toward me and I managed a sequence of flight shots. Reaching the pond I stood atop a large sand dune and looked over the water. Only a small flock of six Mallard were visible. Otherwise it was dead.

Returning through Elk Rapids I stopped at the Wastewater Treatment Plant off of Cairn's Highway and checked out the ponds. The nearest pond was active with several Semipalmated Sandpipers actively chasing Least Sandpipers that ventured too close. A Solitary Sandpiper and Lesser Yellowlegs appeared to have hooked up as they both followed each other all over the pond. A single Spotted Sandpiper rounded out the shorebirds.

Heading back to Central Lake along US-31 and then to M-88 I stopped along side the road to photograph an American Kestrel that roosted atop some fresh mowed hay bales.

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