Thursday, September 4, 2008

2-Warbler Day! - 01 Sep 2008

A big day of birding today here in Wyandotte! While sitting at the computer and looking out the front window I noticed a pair of tiny birds flitting through the branches of the American Lotus in front of our house. I grabbed the camera and ran out the front door to try to photograph the pair of warblers that were feeding frenetically in the trees. Lucky for me I had the camera as they were moving too fast for me to ID. I originally posted 2 Magnolia Warblers to the bulletin board, but after reviewing my 'butt shots' I realized I had a pair of different birds.

Bird one was indeed a Magnolia Warbler. The white vent and tail w/ thick black tips make this an easy ID. The steely-blue back, light streaking on the flanks, and bold eye-ring helped to confirm the ID.

Bird two was a bit more difficult, since I barely saw it. The pine-green back, black and white wingbars, white belly, vent and undertail didn't give me much to work with. However, the gray cheeks and yellow wash behind the legs helped me to ID this bird as a Black-throated Green Warbler! Thank God for fast cameras...

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