Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crosswinds Marsh - 06 Sep 2008

Transitions. Things are drying out as summer transitions into fall. Here at Crosswinds Marsh the fields of goldenrod, thistle and milkweed are turning yellow and brown from the green that dominated a few weeks ago. Sunny skies and lack of wind made for a nice walk this morning around the Eagle and Woodpecker trails.

The shorebird habitat along Arkona Rd was void of birds. However, as I walked south along the horse path near the Bald Eagle nest several flocks of Greater Yellowlegs and Least Sandpipers flew by from the direction of the landfill to the east. Both eagles were roosting near the nest, but flushed when a flock of American Crows flew in. The wetlands south of the bridge held a few Wood Ducks, a noisy Belted Kingfisher, and a juvenile Cooper's Hawk that played hide-n-seek from behind a trunk.

As I walked the Woodpecker Loop at the SW corner of the marsh an Easter Wood Pewee sang loudly overhead, and even perched long enough for several digiscoped images. A Tufted Titmouse made a vocal appearance, also, but remained hidden in the tree tops.

A Cicada flew by me and landed on a branch and began its buzzy trill.

Heading back toward the parking lot I watched as dozens of Tree Swallows flocked and swarmed near a dead snag at the W end of the marsh. As I stood and watched them, a female Common Yellowthroat and Gray Catbird made brief appearances. Walking along the boardwalk a Spotted Sandpiper made itself heard with its 'peet-weet' call.

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