Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hawk Watch '08 - 20 Sep 2008

I hopped on the Vespa this morning and rode down to Lake Erie Metropark to check out the Hawk Watch at the boat ramp. At about 9 am a good number of folks were gathered and waiting for something big to happen. Just 2 days ago a massive 269,000 Broad-winged Hawk migration passed over the park, and today you could feel the anticipation for something similar to occur. But, alas, with no winds to speak of, the day's total would only reach 200. We managed to see only 1 Sharp-shinned Hawk fly by in the 2 hours I was there. Other than that, the only birds to keep us interested on the lake side was a fly-by Osprey and a hand-full of Forster's Terns in basic plumage.

A short burst of warblers near the parking lot was a nice consolation, however. A pair of Northern Parula, a Blackburnian Warbler, a Cape May Warbler, and Least Flycatcher were nice finds. I also managed a Carolina Wren and Eastern Wood Pewee before heading back. This pewee was digiscoped with the Nikon ED50 and 30X DS eyepiece from about 50 ft; a bit too far for reliable results.

May tomorrow bring more and better birds!

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