Wednesday, October 22, 2008

30-minute Birding! - 22 Oct 2008

I took a quick run down to Pt. Mouillee HQ this afternoon after work to see if anything was going on. Wow! I pulled into the parking lot at the HQ's off of Campau Rd., and immediately found a Yellow-rumped Warbler feeding on insects near the outbuildings. As I pulled up to it it flew off a few feet, landed in the groundcover, and proceeded to provide me with 100+ photos as it fed and posed just a few feet from the car. I bet I could've caught it - if only I had some baloney....

I then drove over to the platform next to the boat ramp, where Calvin Brennan and company were hawking watches (or watching hawks?). No sooner had I asked how things were going, when someone yelled out "Golden Eagle!". I snapped several frames as the bird passed high over with a couple of Red-tailed Hawks. A second Golden Eagle would fly by just a few minutes later, along with hundreds of Turkey Vultures, several Red-shouldered Hawks, and a Rough-legged Hawk. A pair of immature Bald Eagles rounded out the action just as thousands of American Crows began moving overhead in large flocks.

In between the raptor migration several Forster's Terns were feeding out in the river mouth, and provided some flight shots for the camera. I could barely keep up with them as they dove and splashed for minnows.

The winds were starting to blow, and clouds were moving in, so I headed back out to the car. I had only been there 30 minutes! As I left I spotted a Great Blue Heron feeding in the creek bed just a few feet from the road. Great trip!

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