Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hawk rescue - 09 Oct 2008

Riding home from work this afternoon on the Vespa I decided to cut down a side street to avoid the Northline Rd. traffic. As I scooted my way home I noticed a large object in the street in front of me, and realized that it was a hawk. As I slowed to approach it the bird made no effort to fly away. I eased up right next to it and watched as it stared blankly out into the distance. It had just killed a pigeon, and must’ve been feeding on it in the middle of the street. I wondered if it got hit by a car, but couldn’t see any evidence of injury. I rolled up right next to it, and reached down and picked it up. A lovely immature Cooper’s Hawk!
As I held it calmly in my glove-coved hands I tried to figure out how to get it out of the middle of the street. Its difficult to move a several hundred pound scooter while holding a hawk in my hands. I debated tucking it into my jacket, but decided to set it back down on the ground and park the scooter. I returned and picked up the bird a second time, and as I walked it toward the grass it woke up and began to struggle. I let it flap its wings a couple of time and then released it. It flew two houses down and landed in the tree. Yay!I returned to the scooter confident that it was going to be ok.

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