Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wyandotte Kinglets! - 12 Oct 2008

We pulled into the driveway after a long drive home from Central Lake, and were greeted by the 'tsi-tsi' of Golden-crowned Kinglets. The large White Pine in the neighbor's yard was teeming w/ both Golden- and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. I grabbed the camera and attempted to get some pics as they appeared in the open, but the severe backlighting prevented any clear photos. So, after upacking the car I came back out with the flash and Better Beamer, and snapped away at the tiny little birds as they fed on insects buzzing about the tree.

At times, 2 - 3 birds would perch on the phone wire over the fence, but move too quickly to allow a sharp image. I shot over 200 frames, and managed just a few sharp images. Still, it was fun to watch these tiny jewels of nature do their thing.

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