Sunday, November 16, 2008

Franklin's Gull Invasion 2008 - 16 Nov 2008

This is a summary of Franklin's Gull sightings reported by numerous birders during the period of 08 - 14 Nov 2008. I was out of town (figures...) so I had to bird vicariously through others. This report does not include the numerous sightings on the Lake Michigan side of Michigan by Rick Brigham and others, but does include those in the SE Michigan region.
The great Walt Pawlowski reported the first Franklin's Gull at Pt. Mouillee HQ on the 8th. Two birds were relocated on the 9th by Mike Sefton and Jacco Gelderloos. While these sightings were being reported, Bruce Cohen reported a whopping 18 birds at Lake Lansing (Ingham Co.) on the 9th.
Karl Overman and Robert Epstein had a Franklin's Gull on Lotus Rd in Monroe Co. on the 10th. Meanwhile, Glen Belyea, Bruce Cohen and Jeff Pavlik saw 2 birds on Lake Lansing on the same day.
Tex Wells refound the Lotus Rd. Franklin's Gull on the 11th while Mike Sefton had a single bird on Big Portage Lake (Washtenaw Co.). Jacco Gelderloos and Sean Bachman would find 2 birds on Big Portage Lake also on the 11th. Scott Jennex had a single bird in Calhoun Co. at the Landfill. Larry Abraham and the Saginaw Audubon also saw 2 birds on Lake Lansing on the 11th.
Kevin Thomas reported a single bird in Shiawassee Co. on the 12th.
Roger Wykes and John Swales had a 1st winter bird on Pleasant Lake (Washtenaw C0.) on the 13th. Dea Armstrong and Ron Gamble also saw a single bird on Portage Lake on the 13th.
The most recent reported sighting came from Sean Bachman on the 14th with 2 birds seen in Livingston Co. near Grand River.
Great sightings by all! Hope I didn't miss any.

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