Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lift-off! - 23 Nov 2008

It was sunny and somewhat mild this morning, so I drove down to southern Monroe Co. to check for gulls. Exiting at Summit Rd. I took it south just over the border into Ohio. Crossing the Ottawa River I spotted a flock of gulls on the ice. Turning on 131st and heading east to 305th I stopped at the end of the road and scoped the sleeping flock. I was able to pick out two Lesser Black-backed Gulls from the mostly Ring-billed Gulls. I managed a couple digiscoped images from about 50 yds away.

Returning north I spotted a Red-tailed Hawk in a tree next to Summit Rd. and photographed it from the car. Branches obscured it enough to prevent a clean image.

A quick stop at the Whiting Power Plant yielded no birds. Ducks were absent on Lake Erie and only a handfull of Ring-billed Gulls were at the discharge.

Heading north toward Pt. Mouillee I turned down Port Sunlight Rd. and drove right past a Red-tail sitting on the fence bordering the landfill. The bird flew up onto a light pole and provided several nice frames from the car. After a few moments it lifted off and flew to a second pole, where I managed a clean flight-shot as it flew west.

A drive down Campau Rd. toward Pt. Mouillee HQ yielded a Bald Eagle roosting next to the road, but it was severely back-lit and prevented a clean photograph, even after it flew off.

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