Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 10 Birding Highlights of 2008 - 31 Dec 2008

As the sun sets on 2008 its time for me to look back at and review personal successes and failures. Although 2008 turned out to be a trying time for many, it proved to be a most enjoyable year for birding and bird photography. Along with digiscoping I had a great time chasing birds with the DSLR and 400mm lens. The Nikon D300 and MB-D10 grip provided me with a great tool for capturing birds in flight. As such, I was also able to finally capture elusive passerines, especially warblers! Adding additional software (Noiseware Pro) for cleaning up images allowed me to improve my image-processing workflow.
I’ve compiled my top ten list of memorable birding highlights for 2008. And below that are a handfull of my favorite images from 2008.

10. CBC – I get more joy out of this outing than any other during the year. Especially this year, when I was able to photograph a red-phased Screech Owl in the dark using a flashlight and flash attachment.

9. Fifteen Buff-breasted Sandpipers on 9/14/2008! Most ever at one time by this guy…

8. Photographing Magnificent Frigatebirds from the deck of a cruiseship during a recent trip to Mexico 11/10/08.

7. Photographing / digiscoping Burrowing Owls in Cape Coral, FL 4/4/08.

6. Chasing Rough-legged Hawks and Short-eared Owls in Clinton, MI 2/08.

5. Photographing Common Terns at Grosse Ile on 7/22/08. Never have I taken more photos (2000+) in a 2-hr period just to capture a handfull of flight pics.

4. Photographing / digiscoping Black-necked Stilts nesting at Pt. Mouillee SGA – only the 2nd time since 2003 has a successful nesting occurred in Michigan.

3. Peregrin Falcon attacking a hapless Green Heron at Pt. Mouillee on 8/30/08. This composite is probably my favorite image of 2008!

2. Photographing a dark-phased Rough-legged Hawk at Pt. Mouillee 5/13/07. My most memorable bird of 2008, especially after (sadly) finding its carcass a week later.

1. 1st Place in the Digiscoping Category of WildBird Magazine’s 20th Annual Photo Contest!

Some of my favorite images from 2008:

May peace and prosperity and abundant birds be yours in 2009!


Cathy Carroll said...

Great post, Jerry. Thanks for putting all of your photos in one place for us to see.

I usually do a top ten list at the end of each year, too. Maybe I can put that together before too long.

Happy New Year.

Patricia R Gamburd said...

Nice finish Jerry - Have a Happy New Year as well

dAwN said...

What a wonderful birdie year! You photos are amazing!

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