Monday, January 19, 2009

Lakeland, Fl - 10 Jan 2009

Its Saturday morning and the last day of our short trip. Since we have to drive into town to pick up a rental car for the trip back to the airport, we decided to stop once more at the Lakeland Cancer Center. I had seen a Loggerhead Shrike there yesterday, and was hoping to get some pics today.

As we pulled into the parking lot I quickly spotted it perched atop a lone tree along the driveway. Stopping in the road I grabbed the camera and snapped several quick frames from about 40 feet away before reaching for the scope. I moved within about 25 feet and digiscoped several frames before backing away from the still-perched bird.

Walking back to the car I heard an American Kestrel and found it perched on an overhead wire. I slowly moved along the hedgerow so that the sun would be at my back, and grabbed a few digiscoped images from about 30 feet away. The Kestrel paid me no attention as I headed back to the car.
Several Double-crested Cormorants were swimming in the nearby pond and flushed when I approached. As they circled and flew past me I grabbed several flight shots. Some of the birds flew off, but some landed in the Spanish Moss-ladened trees. It was then that a quiet Belted Kingfisher was flushed from its perch and had to circle several times before it could find a new one. I took a few shots from a distance as it approached its new perch.
With the airport beckoning us we reluctantly headed back to the house to pack and head home to snow and cold.

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Q said...

Hi Jerry,
I found you from Dawn's blog. So glad I did too. I also use a Nikon D300. I am enjoying it so very much.
Shall come back and get to know you and your birds.
I am planning a trip to Texas at the end of the month to see some open water and birds!
Hope my pictures are half as good as yours! WOW!

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