Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shake it off! - 27 Jan 2009

With the major irruption of Redpolls, Siskins and Crossbills garnering everyone's attention, I've been neglecting the waterfowl nearby on the Detroit River. So I took a quick run down to the boat launch here in Wyandotte to see if any ducks were near shore.

Pulling up to the fence next to open water I was greeted by dozens of Mallard, some looking for handouts. A few birds flew up and attempted to perch on the fence, and almost flew into my front window, hoping for a front-row seat. Since I had nothing to feed them they had to settle for getting their pictures taken.

Just a few feet away from the car a patch of open water held a pair of Redhead and a single drake Canvasback that had a hook in its mouth. The hook didn't seem to bother the duck, as it continued to dive and feed on celery grass below the surface. For a few minutes I fired away as it bathed and splashed in the cold water, spraying water everywhere!

A nice American Black Duck wandered nearby, as did a pair of male Gadwall that swam by.

Some 200 pics in about 10 minutes, I headed back to work! What a fun lunch break!


Shellmo said...

Beautiful photos! So glad to discover another Michigan birding blog!

Allen Chartier said...


It looks like the male Redhead has a fishing line in its mouth too...

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