Monday, February 9, 2009

Digiscoping from the kitchen sink - 07 Feb 2009

The Common Redpolls, Pine Siskins and American Goldfinches were happily cleaning out the thistle feeders this morning, so I decided to play w/ the digiscoping setup and get some pics. I set the scope up in the kitchen sink and opened the window so that I could get some images from inside the house. With the feeders only about 20 feet away I played with different zoom settings to see how well the Coolpix P5100 performed.

I've posted a more detailed report on my digiscoping blog.

Later in the afternoon I spotted an immature Cooper's Hawk roosting in the pine tree in the alley here in Wyandotte. The overhead power lines blocked my view from my driveway and the neighbor's, so I climbed out onto the roof and digiscoped it from about 80 feet away. Unfortunately the bird was somewhat back-lit, but the images came out pretty well.

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