Friday, February 6, 2009

More Crossbills! - 06 Feb 2009

This afternoon after work I made a quick trip to Grosse Ile to look for White-winged Crossbills. Stopping at Westcroft Gardens on West River Drive I spotted 3 birds almost immediately after leaving the parking lot. They were high atop a Norway Spruce feeding on clusters of cone seeds. The one male and 2 females were briefly joined by a Pine Siskin, and continued to feed as another pair (male and female) of WW Crossbills flew overhead. I attempted to digiscope the pair but after running back to the car for the scope I was unable to relocate them. Walking back to the car I stopped to talk briefly with a homeowner next door to the Gardens who told me of a Great Horned Owl that was seen in the pines last night.

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