Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lakeland RV Babies! - 28 Mar 2009

We arrived at Lakeland RV Park yesterday afternoon, and I was anxious to hear about the park's newest additions: a pair of baby Sandhill Cranes. The large, half-acre sewage pond behind the park office played host to a pair of nesting Sandhill Cranes that gave birth to two chicks on St. Patrick's Day. Someone at the park had photographed the chicks a few days after they hatched, and everyone in the park felt like proud parents.

I stopped by the pond this morning during a quick morning walk. The dry Spring had lowered water levels in the pond enough to expose muddy islands that are now covered in grass. As I walked down the shore's edge, I spotted the two parent Sandhill Cranes and the two chicks with them. Hightailing back to the house I grabbed the camera and headed back to get some photos.

Standing on the deck above the pond I quietly photographed the two chicks feeding alongside their parents. Simply adorable. I don't think any more words are necessary... Enjoy!

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