Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Sounds of Spring! - 17 March 2009

I was at Anderson High School in Southgate last evening and got to hear the Chorus Frogs singing in the nearby fields. This evening I took a quick run out to Oakwoods Metropark in Wayne Co. to look for Eastern Meadowlarks. They did not disappoint.

As I drove slowly through the park I was greeted by several pairs of Eastern Bluebirds feeding and singing in the fields next to the road. I stopped a couple of times and attempted to digiscope the birds from about 100 feet away, but was a bit too far for my liking. Still, I managed a couple keepers and enjoyed watching the birds feed and perch atop dead snags.

The closest I could get to an Eastern Meadowlark was about 150 feet away. One bird sang atop a juniper bush but flushed as soon as I approached. It flew to the grass about 200 feet away and sang and buzzed its heart out. As I left the park I could hear the trilling of more Chorus Frogs, and a few Spring Peepers ta'boot!

Spring is hear! (here, as well...)

Side note: On the home front I still have one Pine Siskin and about 2 dozen Common Redpolls as of yesterday. Don't know what today brought, but the feeders were still being emptied by noon.

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