Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Digiscoping Bluebirds - 30 Mar 2010

A sunny afternoon and mild temps prompted Robin and me to drive out to Oakwoods Metropark (Wayne Co.) to look for Eastern Bluebirds and Eastern Meadowlarks. I was a bit worried that we might still be a bit early for the meadowlarks, but quickly heard one calling as we neared the horse trail parking lot.

Just before the turn off to head to the nature center we heard several meadowlarks calling from the fields on either side of the road. I grabbed the scope and Nikon Coolpix P6000 and headed toward the two large trees that held a pair of visible bluebirds.

As I sat quietly in the grass the male Eastern Bluebird flew down to the ground within several feet of me and picked off an insect. After a moment in the grass it flew back up to a perch to join a female that had been nearby. I was able to get a couple digiscoped images from about 100' but was hoping to get a bit closer.

A pair of Eastern Meadowlarks flew in and landed in the same tree. They were obscured by branches so I didn't try to photograph them. The bluebirds flew off toward the picnic area and stopped at the pair of bluebird boxes near the parking lot. I headed over there hoping to get some digiscoped images from a distance.

I sat for several minutes waiting for them to return to the boxes, and just as I was about to leave the male appeared atop the pole next to the box. The female flew in w/ nesting material and waited patiently as the male first entered the box and inspected it.

When it was safe he flew out and the female entered the box w/ the fresh nest material. I digiscoped the male as he waited for his mate to join him outside. After several more minutes she reappeared and joined him atop the box. They then flew off together to find more food and nesting material.
I quietly left them to their duties.
Happy Spring!

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Leah said...

This post makes me so happy! I love bluebirds! Hopefully I can accompany you on a digiscoping adventure soon. :)

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