Monday, April 26, 2010

Imaginary Warblers - 24 Apr 2010

Dedicated to my nieces Terry and Mary! I made them get up at 7am on a rainy Saturday morning to drive to Crane Creek to look for warblers. We found none. They were less than pleased with my existence. We did see some Red-winged Blackbirds, Common Grackles, and Great Blue Herons in the marsh. Mostly we saw wet.

The boardwalk was a bit more productive. I heard Louisiana Waterthrush, Ruby- and Golden-crowned Kinglets, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and Palm Warblers. I was able to get some nice closeups of House Wrens singing next to the boardwalk, and saw several Winter Wrens scampering through the underbrush. Hermit Thrushes were abundant, and I did see a first pair of Wood Thrushes kicking leaves in the distance.

I spent some time chasing a pair of Ruby-crowned Kinglets. One male flared his red cap at one point, but I couldn't get a clean shot through the thickets. I could only manage a peek-a-boo shot after he had calmed down (the other male had left). Brown Thrashers rounded out the highlights for the morning.

We salvaged the morning with a stop at the Toledo Museum of Art and a Sushi lunch, so I'm off the hit-list...

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