Saturday, December 4, 2010

Northern Mockingbird in So. Wayne Co. - 04 Dec 2010

While driving south on West Jefferson just past Sibley Rd. this morning I spotted a rather large flock of European Starlings feeding in the median.  Just above them was another flock of 2-dozen American Robins, and a single Northern Mockingbird determined to chase them away from its (apparent) territory.

I quickly pulled into the turnaround lane and tried to get pics through the driver's side window, but the bird kept flying and bouncing from one tree to the next.  It finally landed momentarily atop this cedar, where I was able to rattle off a series of images from about 100' away.  It then disappeared across the street into the woods.

Pt. Mouillee was quiet.  Inland ponds and canals are beginning to ice over, and the dark, overcast skies made for poor photography.  Still, a few large flocks of Bonaparte's Gulls still drifted overhead at Riverside Park.  Tree Sparrows were abundant up and down Rheaume Rd.  Hagermann Rd. yielded a single American Kestrel.

Lake Erie Metropark had (4) actively hunting Red-tailed Hawks.  I managed a photo of this one after it dropped down into the grass to look for a mouse.  It then flew to a nearby tree where I was able to get a few more photos as it perched.

Returning to Wyandotte I spotted the Northern Mockingbird again, this time on an overhead wire.  I pulled off the road directly under it and was able to get photos from the car.

It paid me no mind, so grabbed the scope and proceeded to digiscope it from about 30'.  I then walked up the road to get pics from the other side.  It then flew off for good.

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