Monday, March 14, 2011

Bahamas Birding, Day 1 - 10 Mar 2011

  • Day 1 of our extended weekend trip to Nassau Island, Bahamas.  Robin and I flew out of DTW and arrived (via Fort Lauderdale, FL) at the Lynden-Pindling International Airport, located just down the road from our accomodations at A Stone's Throw Away Inn.  John, our driver, graciously picked us up at the airport and delivered us to the lovely Bed & Breakfast overlooking the sea at New Providence's West End.  A gorgeous place with a pool, waterfall, and a lush courtyard, one should take note that access to the B&B requires climbing the equivalent of 4-5 flights of stairs to reach the reception desk and desk.  But its definitely worth the climb, as the place is gorgeous! I took a few photos of a bright green Anole lizard while I caught my breath at the top of the stairs.

Our first order of business was lunch.  We walked down to the sea and headed north approximately 100 yds to the Traveler's Rest, where we enjoyed Bahama Mama's and the best roasted Snapper we ever had.  While we enjoyed the first warm weather of the new year I scanned the trees across the road with my binocs.  A Northern Parula was bouncing through the leaves, and was joined shortly thereafter by a pair of Cape May Warblers.  The winter female was quite dull with her overall brown coloration and dull streaking, but the male was a stunning yellow and attaining its trademark red cheek patch.  Too bad they were so far away. 

After our wonderful lunch we walked back to the B&B for an afternoon nap. A small flock of Eurasian Collared Doves flushed from the trees to my left, and offered the first of many views of this ubiquitous island introductee.  I couldn't sleep, so I grabbed the camera and wandered out onto the deck overlooking the west shoreline.  A Northern Mockingbird appeared in the bushes next to the deck and offered a late afternoon photo opportunity! The bird perched at the highest point overlooking the property and sang it heart out for over an hour. 

As I photographed it a Prairie Warbler appeared nearby and offered a few quick photos before it continued on.  The mockingbird was teasing me to grab the scope, so I headed back to the room to get the digiscoping equipment.  When I returned the bird was gone, but a Merlin was perched in a dead snag about a quarter mile away, so I had nice views for several minutes.  A Banaquit also made a brief appearance, but stayed out of view enought to avoid being photographed.

With dinner upon us, it was time to put the toys away and get ready to eat.  Tomorrow would be a big day, as we were going to take a bird tour with famed local guide Carolyn Wardle.

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Mike said...

I birded that area years ago and was very happy with my half day with Carolyn. She got us on tons of birds we would not have found without her.

Also, if you didn't already know, Paradise Island is very accessible. There's a pond on Lakeview Drive with terrific, highly photogenic birds:

Have fun!

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