Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pt. Mouillee SGA - 05 Jul 2011

Sunny, warm, 85ºF this late afternoon.  I took the bike down to Pt. Moo for a quick survey.  Andy Dettling had reported the two Plegadis Ibis yesterday in the Long Pond Unit, so I was going to see if I could get some up-to-date digiscoped images.

Overall, birding was a bit slow this afternoon.  Highlights included:

The world's population of Halloween Pennants were out this afternoon.  These lovely dragonflies were everywhere and perching like little flags all over the place!

Yellow-headed Blackbird (male) - fly-over from Long Pond Unit to Nelson Unit.
Least Bittern - fly-by from Long Pond Unit to Vermet Unit.
The two ibis were in the Long Pond Unit, but flushed farther back when one of dozens of Great Egrets decided to take off.  They were severely back-lit by the sun, so photography was out of the question. 
Forster's Terns actively feeding in Long Pond and Vermet Units.

Single Least Sandpiper and Lesser Yellowlegs in Vermet Unit (south end).  Six more Lesser Yellowlegs in Cell 3.  Southbound migration (shorebird season) is underway!

Cell 3 is actively being filled w/ dredgings again.  May be a good thing, as greening of the mudflats has now reached all the way to the water's edge.  Currently there is little shorebird habitat, but hopefully things will improve by August.

American Goldfinches are massing in the sunflower / thistle fields at the south end of the Vermet Unit (Middle Causeway).  It is nesting season for them, after all.

Haagerman Rd. was quiet.  Heard a couple of Eastern Meadowlarks, and saw a female Bobolink.  No Dickcissels heard or seen today.

Drove down Port Sunlight Rd. to the entrance to Estral Beach.  A pair of Osprey are nesting along side the road.  Please be respectful of their nesting location and don't linger.

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