Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cooper's Hawk - 13 Nov 2011

I was just getting ready to leave the house this morning when Robin shouted, "big bird in the backyard!".  We looked out toward the back fence and saw this juvenile Cooper's Hawk perched up in the tree.  It made a quick sweep toward the house, then returned to the back corner where it perched on some snags I left in the garden.

I managed to sneek outside and get some pics of it perched on the snags next to our Japanese Maple.  It was no small feat as my little Asia was clawing at my leg to play w/ her while I was trying to get photos of the hawk.  It then flew off and headed to better hunting grounds.

I then picked up my Dad and drove out to Belle Isle to look for the Snow Geese and Ross' Goose that was reported yesterday.  We failed to find them, but there were also few Canada Geese to be found on the island this morning.  The Blue Heron Lagoon held a hundred Canvasback and a handfull of Gadwall, while the Detroit River held American Coots, Common Goldeneye and Bufflehead.

We then took a drive through Dad's old neighborhood near St. Charles - just across the street from Belle Isle.  We stopped to take some pics of his old house where he grew up, stopped by the Capuchin Church and Mt. Elliot Cemetery before heading home.

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