Friday, November 25, 2011

Pt. Mouillee and LEMP - 20 Nov 2011

I took advantage of the sunny weather this Saturday morning and headed down to Pt. Mouillee and Lake Erie Metropark.

First stop was the corner of Reaume and Roberts Rd. I spent a half-hour or so photographing the American Tree Sparrows from inside the car with the Nikon D300s and 300/2.8 VR II. The birds were a bit skittish, but soon came close enough for some nice captures from 15 feet away.

I was pleasantly surprised when a Fox Sparrow popped out of the phragmites and fed from about 20 feet away. This one had a complete tail, unlike the Fox Sparrow from a week ago that was missing its tail.

An adult White-crowned Sparrow also made an appearance, and seemed to stay near the Fox Sparrow. I managed a few nice captures from about 25 feet away.

The party was soon joined by a pair of Dark-eyed Juncos. First, a lighter-colored female, then a much darker male bird appeared.

Probably the closest bird of the morning was this cooperative Song Sparrow that perched just 5 feet away and allowed me to fire away as it considered my presence.

A pair of circling Red-tailed Hawks caused everyone to scatter, so I took my queue to head over to Lake Erie Metropark.

The trail behind the Marshland Museum was a bit quiet.  White-throated Sparrows were active in the underbrush, but otherwise things were slow.  It was not until I crossed the large boardwalk that I came upon a small flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets foraging in the brush alongside the trail.  I had the Better Beamer on the flash unit, and it helped capture these fleet-footed little critters as they hopped from branch to branch chasing down insects.

A Brown Creeper was among the flock, and was a challenge to photograph as it ducked behind the trunks of trees as it climbed upward looking for insects.  I see so few of these birds lately.  A Tufted Titmouse was another 'rare' bird for me...

As I chased it a Black-capped Chickadee popped out and begged me to take its picture.  I obliged... 

This White-throated Sparrow was one of the few that came out into the open, so I took my opportunity to capture it from about 30 feet away. 


Wayne Richard Pope said...

Love your photos and comments, Jerry. Wayne Pope

Wayne Richard Pope said...

Love your photos and comments, Jerry. Wayne Pope

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