Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sedona, AZ - Day 4 - 03 Mar 2012

We arrived at Red Rock State Park just outside of Sedona, AZ this morning at 8 am.  I was here to try and rectify digiscoping mistakes made a few days ago.  This time I had the Nikon V1 set to the proper camera settings to shoot continuous (10 fps) Raw + Jpg.
Things were much quieter this morning.  A pair of Anna's Hummingbirds showed up at the feeder, and the male staked out its perch just across the path from the Visitor's Center.  I set the scope up and waited for it.  Unfortunately it tended to perch w/ its back to the sun the entire time, and then would fly off for a 1/2 hour or more before returning.

In the meantime I took the opportunity to photograph the pair of Spotted Towhees that were foraging in the scrub nearby. I was able to get pics of a bird from all angles.

Dark-eyed Juncos, White-crowned Sparrows, and the ever-elusive Ladder-backed Woodpeckers visited the feeders, but I was unable to get any pics of birds other than the juncos.  The woodpeckers in this state are beginning to p**** me off.

There were also numerous House Finches singing from all over the place, and it dawned on me that I should be looking for Cassin's Finches.  I may have seen a pair of Cassin's, but could not be certain.

Finally, the male Anna's Hummingbird returned and perched facing the sun.  It gave me the opportunity to digiscope it w/ some semblance of flaming magenta gorget in display.  Contrast was high, however, so I got mostly flame-tipped feathers in my images.  Still, I'm satisfied in my efforts to get pics of this beautiful hummingbird.

Just before heading off, a Lincoln's Sparrow appeared from the cover a few feet away, and provided some nice looks from just 15' away.

Robin and I then headed over to one of the Energy Vortexes near Cathedral Rock.  Unfortunately, the directions were had did not quite get us to where we needed to go, so we had to opt for some pics of the backlit rock formation. 

We then drove over to the enery vortex near the Sedona Airport.  After climbing the large rock formation we were treated to beautiful panorama images of the surrounding countryside. Evidence of the 'energy' could be seen in the twisted trunks of old Juniper trees.

After a great lunch and beer at the Oak Creek Brewery in Tlaquepaque I walked over to Mia's Place to see what it had to offer.  Its a tiny garden next to the Oak Creek, but it did offer gorgeous looks at a Bewick's Wren that was chattering near one of the bird boxes.  Too bad, I had no camera.  The wren was a real stunner!

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