Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Red Admiral Invasion - 15 Apr 2012

The past couple of days have seen reports from all over SE Michigan discussing the huge numbers of Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) butterflies that folks have been seeing. Here in Wyandotte Robin and I have been watching dozens of these beauties feeding on nectar from the blooming Lilac bushes. 

I managed to get a few pics of the butterflies w/ the D300s/300/2.8 VRII combo.  You can even see their proboscis reaching down into the tubes of the flowers.  Welcome spring!

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Sharry said...

We are seeing many of these in our Manistee National Forest yard. They are feeding on creeping Phlox, I guess.
While trying to identify it, our local 7-4 news featured a photo of one!
I emailed Ariel and told her its name as it wasn't mentioned. I dont recall seeing them in our area before but there are many! what a beautiful addition to Spring!

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