Sunday, May 6, 2012

Migrant Push through Wyandotte! - 06 May 2012

Blackburnian Warbler - dry brush
Having just returned from Ohio last evening we were greeted by a Yellow-rumped Warbler in the street in front of the house.  It flew up into the trees.

This morning before church I heard a Baltimore Oriole singing in the front trees. Over at Kroger in Southgate I heard a Black-throated Green Warbler singing "zee-zee-zee-zur-zee".

Black-and-White Warbler - dry brush
As I pulled into the driveway I heard a Nashville Warbler singing 'seebit-seebit-seebit-si-si-si'.  I then heard the oriole again, so I grabbed the binoculars and headed out front.  In the locust tree in front of the house I found a Black-and-White Warbler and a Blue-headed Vireo foraging just feet away! No camera!  Ran into the house and grabbed the camera.

Tennessee Warbler - dry brush
Came back out and found a Blackburnian Warbler singing high up in the tree.  A few moments later found a Tennessee Warbler!  Followed them across the street, then back to the house where I found a Chestnut-sided Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Magnolia Warbler and Rose-breasted Grosbeak!  A Palm Warbler!  All in about 10 minutes!  I love this time of year.

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