Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wilson's Snipe - 12 Aug 2012

The only bright moment of an otherwise slow morning was seeing a pair of Wilson's Snipe along the shoreline of the Huron River and the North Causeway of Pt. Mouillee SGA.  This individual was partially back-lit by the rising sun, but made a nice digiscoping subject. Its mate soon joined it in flight as the two flushed to the burnt shoreline to the west.

The rest of the morning would prove to be extremely slow.  Shorebirds were scarce in the Vermet Unit and absent in Cell 3.  Greater Yellowlegs outnumbered Lesser Yellowlegs, and only two Pectoral Sandpipers were seen.  The rains from the last few days have raised water levels in these units just enough to push the birds elsewhere.

I did find the Snowy Egret in the SW corner of the Vermet Unit among a group of Great Egrets.  The bird was severely backlit, so I didn't even bother to try to photograph it.  I ran into Rodney Laura and talked with him for a few minutes before heading home.

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