Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cove Pt. and Riverside Park - 27 Dec 2012

The clouds broke late this morning and the sun appeared for the first time since the most recent storm dumped 3-6" of snow on SE Michigan.  Robin and I took a quick drive down to the foot of Lee Rd. in southern Wayne Co. to check out the wintering Tundra Swans on Lake Erie.  From Cove Point, which is at the very southern end of Lake Erie Metropark I estimated 1000-1500 Tundra Swans swimming 50 - 100 yds out from the shore.

A few birds were close enough to digiscope, so I spent a few minutes trying out the new digiscoping adaptor I 'bought' yesterday ($5.19 at Lowes).  It worked like a charm, providing fast focusing and the ability to adjust the 20-60X zoom eyepiece on the Zeiss 85T*Fl Diascope.  Note that the 45X W eyepiece has been sidelined in favor of the zoom, mostly because I was able to create a simple adaptor for the new 18.5mm / f1.8 lens for the Nikon 1 V1.

We then took a quick drive over to Riverside Park and found a large flock of ~70 - 100 Bonaparte's Gulls foraging near shore.  A nice policeman from Brownstown Township alerted me to a pair of Bald Eagles roosting across the channel, but they flew before I could get the scope set up.

I returned to the Bonaparte's Gulls and attempted some flight shots as they flew by in the mid-afternoon sun.  Lighting wasn't ideal, but I liked the captures, anyway.  They didn't stay long, and moved farther away toward the Pt. Mouillee North Causeway.

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