Sunday, February 24, 2013

Great Horned Owl! - 24 Feb 2013

Sunny skies provided an opportunity to look for the Great Horned Owl that had been seen at Lake Erie Metropark. From the Boat Launch the trail that follows the shoreline crosses a large wooden bridge.  The owl has been seen in the west, across from the marsh in the large trees.

I found it there this morning, roosting in the morning sunlight, high up in an alder tree.  I digiscoped it from about 200' away.

I was sad to see that the leaning pine tree was cut down - this was the tree where I photographed the Golden-crowned Kinglet just last week.  On the way out numerous White-tailed Deer were foraging along the roadside, so I grabbed a quick portrait from inside the car.

I drove over to Pt. Mouillee HQ to look for ducks.  On Campau Rd. I spotted the dark-phase Red-tailed Hawk that had been seen in the area since Fall. The Huron River was half frozen, and hosted hundreds of Mute/Tundra Swans, Mallard, Gadwall, American Coot, and Canvasback.  I managed a few photos of the coots as they foraged along the break wall.

A loop around Roberts Rd. yielded a pair of American Kestrels, but too far to photograph.

Along Haggerman Rd. I found dozens of Horned Larks, and a fly-by Gray Ghost (male Northern Harrier).

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