Sunday, February 3, 2013

Varied Thrush! - 03 Feb 2013

I received an e-mail from Janet Hug last evening asking me if I was interested in seeing the Varied Thrush that was found by Brendan Leddy a few weeks ago in Clarkston, MI.  Even though it was frigid-cold outside I decided it was worth the 1-hour drive to see if it might reappear.

At 9 am I arrived at Joanne Leddy's home and saw Janet arrive, so we headed inside where a number of other folks had already arrived and were getting obscured-but-decent looks at the Varied Thrush high up in a pine.  Joanne had her scope set up, so we took the opportunity to try to digiscope the bird through the back window of her house.  The bird has been frequenting the area of homes in a private subdivision, so access to see it has been near-impossible.  Joanne has been a gracious host and allowing birders into her home to see the bird.

The thrush flew down to feed alongside the culvert, but did not give great views.  But, despite poor lighting and shooting through windows I managed a couple of keeper photos.  The bird soon disappeared, and after spending a few minutes by the back deck I thought it best to head back home.

I'm most grateful to Joanne (and Brendan) for allowing me into their home to see a most-wonderful bird  for this area, and to Janet for offering the invite to see it.  Great seeing you, Jan!

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Joanne Leddy said...

We are so happy to have had the opportunity to share this remarkable bird with you and others. Thankfully he is still here and enjoying the daily feeding of cracked corn, fruit, and nuts. Happy Birding!

Joanne and Brendan Leddy

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