Saturday, June 22, 2013

Parenting - 22 Jun 2013

Parenting has its joys. Like this pair of Sandhills Cranes w/ their tiny little colt.  I digiscoped the family from the corner of Willow and Haggerty Rds in western Wayne Co. as they foraged in the farmer's field about 60 yds away.


Parenting also has its challenges. I came across this 'family' of Song Sparrows(?). While mom was foraging she was being pestered by the largest Song Sparrow chick I ever saw. Well, not really a Song Sparrow, but a Brown-headed Cowbird chick that had parasitized the nest, and most likely evicted her real offspring.

Robin and I had gone back to Crosswind Marsh to look for Yellow-breasted Chats. Although I dipped again on finding them I at least managed to also miss another tick encounter. I did spend a few minutes trying to call in some Marsh Wrens but they remained hidden nearby. I was able to digiscope this lovely Barn Swallow from 20' away.

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