Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Deadly Crossing - 05 Jul 2013

We were on our way back to the lodge for lunch when a last-minute decision was made to swing by the Mara River to see if the zebra carcass from last evening's game drive was still there. When we arrived at the Mara River we found hundreds of zebra on this side of the river. We looked across and saw hundreds more crowded on the hill, and on the banks of the river. We had arrived just as a wave of zebra started crossing. Charles quickly sped over to the river bank where a half dozen other vehicles were already watching the scene unfolding in front of them. The Zebras were rushing across the river and a dozen monster Crocodiles were moving in for the kill. For the next 45 minutes we witnessed the deadliest and saddest moments in nature. I emptied 32 Gigs of memory cards recording events, and can say no more. What we saw was profoundly disturbing and moving, enough so that we cancelled our afternoon drive in order to catch our breaths and absorb what we had witnessed. The following slide show speaks for itself.


Click on image to begin slideshowWARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT
Perhaps the saddest part of the crossing was watching as dozens of zebra crossed back across the Mara River after risking death and reaching safety. Was it confusion? Or because their mates or family were still on the other side? We will never know.

On the way out we looked for the carcass from last evening's hyena feast.  We found no trace of the carcass or bones.  Nothing.

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