Thursday, January 16, 2014

Like a Duck in a Snowstorm - 16 Jan 2014

Another quick run down to the Pier 500 at lunchtime to look for some ducks.  Today it was starting to snow so the roads were becoming slippery.  I stopped down by the boat launch and managed to scare away a half-dozen female Common Mergansers that were resting on an ice ledge.  Again, the Detroit River was ice-free, but I managed to find a single male Redhead and a male Canvasback near the boat slips.

The Redhead tended to stretch a lot but never its wings.  The Canvasback floated quietly on the water and steadily drifted away from shore.

After a few minutes the Common Mergansers returned to the calm waters next to the boat launch, and I was able to get a few photos through the passenger-side window of the Escape.  Reflections off the water produced some 'interesting' colors.


Cathy Carroll said...

Your photos of waterfowl always remind me how spectacular our waterbirds are. I remember one photo of a Gadwall that you published on your blog a few years ago. Took my breath away.

I haven't been able to do much birding this winter. Your photos always set me straight and re-energize my appreciation.

Linda said...

Absolutely glorious series of captures!

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