Friday, January 10, 2014

New Yard Visitor - 10 Jan 2014

I looked out through the kitchen window late this afternoon and saw a Red-bellied Woodpecker pounding away at the suet feeder on the willow tree.  A new yard bird!  I grabbed the D7100 and 300/2.8 VR II and proceeded to (try) photograph the bird through the back window.  Light was already disappearing so I had to bump the ISO to 1600 and hope that a few of the dozens of frames I took might capture a sharp moment.  The Christmas light bulb made for a nice conversation starter...

With so many failures I did something I haven't tried since buying the camera last spring: video.  I put the camera on LiveView and took a video through the back window.  I'm impressed with the quality of the video despite hand-holding and the low-light availability.  In fact, as you watch you'll notice the lighting steadily increasing, then decreasing, then increasing.  Makes me wonder if the camera is trying to find the correct exposure during the video.  ?

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