Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Snow(y) - 16 Feb 2014

A steady snowfall this morning would put 1 - 2" of fresh snow on the ground. I walked the Middle Causeway at Pt. Mouillee and had the place to myself. A stop by the Pump House produced a large raptor in one of the trees along the dike lining the Bad Creek Unit. Though it was snowing I could make out the light head of a Rough-legged Hawk perched 100 yds. away.

I continued along the Middle Causeway, walking on snow that had not been trodden in weeks (except by a few deer). When I arrived at the junction of the Long Pond / Bloody Run / Humphries Units I spotted a Snowy Owl atop one of the signs next to the trail. I was able to get within about 50 yds. of the bird and get a few digiscoped images, but it flew on toward the next junction w/ the Vermet Unit. It only stayed momentarily before flying off into the Humphries Unit and one of the many muskrat houses. The bird appears to be a juvenile female and probably the same one I saw a few weeks back. No other snowies were observed, so I'm hoping that maybe they are out on the Lake Erie ice closer to possible prey (waterfowl).

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