Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome February! - 01 Feb 2014

Happy New Year! (Chinese New Year, that is).  With the snowiest January on record here in Michigan I thought I face the fury of Winter Storm Maximus and head down to Pt. Mouillee SGA.  Treading on virgin snow freshly deposited by Maximus, I clawed my way over the snow-covered terrain.  My eyes watered from snow and ice that clawed at my face, and at times wanted to turn back.  But I pressed on, vowing never to quit.  Then I got out of the car and walked two miles to the Vermet Unit....

Snow was falling fairly hard, and 5" of snow on the Middle Causeway made for slow walking, but it was peaceful and quiet.  The trail cleared just past the Walpatich Unit and walking became much easier.  Visibility was less than a quarter mile, so I had to use the binoculars quite a bit to look for any signs of the four Snowy Owls seen here last month.

I struck paydirt at intersection of the Bloody Run and Long Pond Units when a young female Snowy Owl was quietly perched on a signpost next to the dike separating the two units.  I quietly approached to within 200' of the bird and digiscoped some photos through the blinding snow.

The bird was content with my presence while I took a two-minute video through the Nikon V1, but suddenly flushed when a young Golden Retriever (Eli) bounded up the trail behind me (followed by his owner).  The Snowy Owl flew down the dike and landed on a another post about 100 yds. away.

I continued on to the Vermet Unit, then turned back when I was unable to see any other Snowy Owls on the dike or in the Units.   I stopped to take some long-distance pics of the Snowy Owl, still on its post.  I did not want to disturb it so I headed back to the car.

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MI_Bird_Nerd said...

That sounds like a blissful wonderful day spent out in our fabulous winter wonderland. If you dress well, the snow and cold is invigorating (unless you are a bird who can't go inside for some hot chocolate. Glad you had a great day getting exercise and taking some beautiful photographs to share with the rest of us.

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