Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flying Fish! - 02 Mar 2014

I dreamt that I woke up to find the cruise ship lost and drifting down the middle of my old neighborhood, brushing up against the houses on either side of the street. When I woke for real we were about a third the way between Miami and St Maarten. We headed to Deck 15 for some breakfast, then back to the cabin, where I spent about an hour scanning the ocean for signs of bird life. I would see a floating 55 gallon drum of who-know's what, but nothing else. We finally saw a dozen or so Flying Fish scattered by our wake.

It was not until some time later that I spotted a small sea bird heading past us the opposite direction. I was able to get the binocs on it and saw a dark brown bird with a bold white rump and brown/ white undersides. When I consulted my Collin's Gude to Birds if the West Indies, I immediately suspected Jamaican Petrel! Unfortunately further reading indicated that the bird is most likely extinct... So my only other possibilities are Wison's, Leach's, or Band-rumpled Storm Petrels, with the latter most possible based on flight behavior (steady, not erratic, and purposeful). For now it'll just remain "some bird".

The ocean is beautiful. With scattered clouds it has an azure-blue color that sometimes appear purple. Still not seeing any birds, though. So, I passed the time photographing the flying fish from our balcony on the 13th Deck. Single-to-several fish would appear off the wake of the ship below us every few minutes, so I had to be quick w/ the camera.

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Cathy Carroll said...

I love these photos, especially the one where the tail of the bird has made a trail in the water. Amazing. I've never seen a flying fish photo before. Awesome.

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