Friday, May 30, 2014

Chickadee-Chicks! - 30 May 2014

Robin and I had a late dinner on the back porch this evening.  A pair of Black-capped Chickadees were scolding Buffy and Asia, who were also out there with us, from the trellis at the end of the deck. I noticed they were both carrying grubs / worms in their beaks.  That didn't stop them from raising hell at us.  So we finished up and let them continue w/ their meals.  The question was, where was their nest?

We suspected that they were nesting in the honeysuckle bush next to the driveway, as the pair seemed to gravitate there in a noisy manner.  But as I hustled the kitties back into the house I kept an eye out to see if I could find their nest (we've currently got Common Grackles, Northern Cardinals and American Robins nesting in the trees next to the house).  When they flew into the maple over the deck I suspected that the nest might be there.

I ran upstairs to the back bedroom and slowly opened the door to the roof.  Bingo! A pair of fledgling chickadees sitting on the power line  next to the house.  Running back downstairs I grabbed the camera and took a few photos through the open door.  The little cuties were a bit wary, so I quickly ducked back into the house.

I then decided that I could digiscope them through the window if I moved the bed and set up the scope.  Perfect.  For the next 20 minutes I took stills and a video of the little chickadees from the comfort of the bed and only 20' away!  It was cute to watch them attempt to preen and stretch, and almost fall off the wire. They finally flew to the branches in the tree where mom and dad waited with food, so I packed up.

Now I can say that I digiscoped birds from the comfort of my bed!

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Cathy Carroll said...

Hi Jerry,

I have never seen a baby chickadee. I am so glad you posted this. So cute ...

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