Saturday, May 3, 2014

More Nikon V3 Fun! - 03 May 2014

I was happy w/ the performance of the Nikon 1 V3, 300/2.8VRII, and FT1 adapter (see previous post). So the next question was, would it work w/ the TC14EII Teleconverter?  Short answer - YES!

I took the combo out onto the driveway to shoot some the back yard birds this afternoon.  The sun was starting to break through the heavy clouds, so ISO was jumping between 160 - 800.  With the V3 + 300mm + 1.4TC the EVF = 1134 mm!  So this time I mounted the combo on the tripod.

When I first turned on the camera I got an error message reading "Camera won't turn on w/o a lens attached".  I had to do a bit of readjusting the camera/lens/TC but finally the error message disappeared and I was in business.  As before, the camera won't just Autofocus without Manual focusing assistance.  Once the subject is 'close' to being in focus, the camera Autofocus locks in and attains sharp focus almost instantaneously.  At 20 fps it was easy to get some wonderfully sharp images of the birds that were 5 - 40' away.

This combo will be perfect for roadside driving where I wished I could mount a scope to the window and digiscope from the car.  Now I can get the higher magnification than w/ just the D7100, 300mm and 1.4 or 1.7 TC's.

Can this be the death knell for my digiscoping days?  Stay tuned...

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