Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dickcissel! - 12 Jul 2014

I had about 40 minutes to kill after dropping Robin off at Lake Erie Metropark for her morning run. So I drove over to Haggerman Rd and the Antennae Farm to look for Dickcissels along the fence line. Sure enough, one male was waiting for me on the same perch I had photographed last evening.

The bird was backlit so I had to hug the fence in order to cut down on the back lighting. I tried to get close enough so that the tree line would give me a darker background.

Best part of the shoot was that the Dickcissel never left his perch even after I left. As I drove away I spotted a second bird farther down the road on the top of the fence.

While waiting for Robin to finish her stretch I watched the Barn Swallows that were swarming around the boat launch at the Lee Rd. Marina. I noticed several birds picking mayflies off of the telephone pole in the parking lot, so I grabbed the D7100 and 300/2.8 VRII and tried to photograph the swallows in the act.

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