Monday, March 23, 2015

Finally! - 22 Mar 2015

It took the end of March for me to finally see a Common Redpoll in Wyandotte! This morning I looked out at the feeders and spotted a single redpoll perched in the tree above the feeders. It took a few moments but the bird flew down and started feeding. It would remain in the yard for the better part of the day, but not be seen afterward.

All of my photos were taken through the back window, so I'm not overly disappointed with the detail I was able to get from the Nikon D7100 and 300 / 2.8 VRII. I was even able to get some digiscoping from point blank range from the back room.

Jean Iron has a wonderful writeup identifying subspecies of Common Redpoll. This bird appears to be an Acanthis flammea flamea. Of interest was the amount of white in the rump! A close look reveals a tinge of rosy pink, but in proper lighting one might be inclined to consider a Hoary Redpoll...

A wonderful visitor! Will this be the last great yard bird for me?

Addendum 3/29/2015 - Common Redpoll seen at the feeder again today. First time in a week!

3/30/2015 - Common Redpoll seen again during lunch.

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Nadya W-G said...

A quick question for you-- Would you mind if I used some of your bird images for references in painting?

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