Sunday, April 12, 2015

First Shorebirds - 11 Apr 2015

They've been around, but I haven't, so it was nice to finally see my first Greater Yellowlegs of the season this morning at Pt. Mouillee. The Noisy Lapwings (Killdeer) have been around and its still 'fun' to see them, but in another week or so...

Waterfowl were numerous in all of the interior units of Pt. Mouillee. American Coot by the thousands were in the Humphries Unit while Northern Shovelers were dominating the Long Pond Unit. Ring-necked Ducks were found in the Lautenschlager Unit, and Green-winged Teal by the dozens filled Cell 3 of the Banana Unit. Blue-winged Teal were most numerous along the Mouillee Creek.

I was unable to get close to any of the birds, but a few fly-by Lesser Scaup coming in off of Lake Erie passed close enough for a flight pic or two.

Bufflehead were actively courting along the east shoreline of the Humphries Unit and flushed as I rode by on the bike.

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