Sunday, May 10, 2015

Biggest Week in American Birding is Here! - 10 May 2015

I've been out of commission for quite a while now. No birding. No photography. No blogging. Well, not entirely true. I've been working on a new blog. You see, Robin and I just moved from Wyandotte into a new home here in Brownstown Twp., MI!

We are proud owners of a new-construction home at the Del Webb Community of Bridgewater. I've been spending Thanksgiving through, well yesterday, packing and moving. I'm exhausted. Plus, having the flu for the past 3 weeks has not made the move any easier. But today, I finally got a chance to turn on the camera and head out to the Biggest Week in American Birding Festival in NW Ohio.

I gave a Digiscoping Workshop at Maumee Bay State Park this morning as part of the Photography Workshop Series put together by Brian Zwiebel. My class of ten spent the first hour reviewing the who, what, where, and why's of Digiscoping, then we got out to practice our skills.

A red-morph Screech Owl was spotted yesterday on the boardwalk at Maumee Bay SP, so we headed out to look for it. It was a perfect subject for a group of new digiscopers, many who were digiscoping for the first time. And it couldn't have gone any better!

We had folks who were trying out camera phones for the first time, or trying to get their DSLR to take photos using the Swarovski DCB adapters. We were all thrilled when everyone was able to get wonderful photos of the owl as it roosted in the morning's overcast skies.  One gentleman even had a homemade scope made from old Nikon lenses, converters and a Nikon eyepiece. Impressive!

I couldn't spend the whole day down here, though, as I had to get back home to take Robin to the airport. I won't even be able to get back down to the festival this week as I have workers and contractors coming to old and new homes. But, it was great to be back in the field again.

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Cathy Carroll said...

Jerry, congratulations on your new home. Moving is hard that's for sure. Great to see you got a change to get out for this beautiful red Screech.

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