Saturday, June 13, 2015

Backyard Cuteness! - 13 Jun 2015

I spent a few minutes this evening digiscoping some of the cute critters out the back window.

A family of House Finches includes a half-dozen juveniles. They could easily be confused for juvie Pine Siskins were it not for their thickly beaks!

Ma and Pa Northern Cardinal have a young one, as well.

A baby bunny appeared just briefly, but scattered as soon as I opened the window to get a scope view. Next time...

A Chipmunk has been appearing on the sunflower feeder the past several days, and was pretty cooperative this evening, allowing some digiscoped images from the back window. It was fun to watch it trying to stick its head in to get some seeds only to be foiled by filled cheeks.

The American Goldfinches have been around all spring, and both the females and breeding plumaged males have been very cooperative subjects this evening, as well.

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Patricia Britt said...

I love your picture, I just wish some of those birds would hang out on my feeder 😉

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